Blanket Details

One Size, Fits Most

Based on a 6XL hoodie for a one-size fitting for all different users.


Materials & Sizing Quality

The quality of the materials are made from extra-soft fabric for an exceptional comforting experience.

We assure the length extension of our hooded blankets is much longer compared to others you can get online this is to cover and secure up to the leg part.


Cleaning & Safety Measure

Super fluffy as if you're hugging a sheep. BUT this is 100% cruelty-free.

Easy to clean. No-fuss. Completely machine washable.


Best Budd

Perfect buddy to anywhere this coming holidays. Great for summer camping, evening naps on the couch, hanging out with friends, sleep-overs, cuddling with your pet, and so much more.


Great Gift Idea

Ideal gift for your friends and loved ones this season.