60"x102"  Teal Satin Rectangular Tablecloth

60"x102" Teal Satin Rectangular Tablecloth


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the fun workout you can do anywhere, especially at home.

With gyms being closed and parks always crowded, getting or staying fit during times like now become harder than ever! We make it easy with our innovative new take on hula hooping that burns 3x the more calories than traditional hula hooping. Never worry about ir falling and ruining your rhythm. Just snap it on around your waist and start hooping!

"I'm too busy"

Not an excuse anymore, you only need 20 minutes a day! That's equivalent to 1 hour of jogging & 30 minutes of swimming...

no more stubborn belly fat

The messages given odd by the shock absorbent knobs makes it finally possible to target and fight that stubborn belly fat we all hate.

nothing easier to use

All you need to do is to put the belt on your stomach, shake your hips and you can use it while watching TV, listening to music, or any other entertainment

increase circulation, sweat more, and maximize fat burning!

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